Miltech products

Information about Miltech products


One of the most light, flexible and comfortable garments in the world
High quality, innovation, design and high technology products, fulfilling the international quality and technical standards
Protection against bullets, knives and other weapons.
Ballistic panels are waterproof and fireproof.
5 year warranty on ballistic panels and 1 year on garment covers.
Products are certified by: NIJ (National Institute of Justice of USA),
up to level IIIA
Test certificates : TNO (Netherlands) and Banc Officiel D.epreuve
Des Armes Et Munitions (France)
Process is certified by ICONTEC, IQNET, ISO 9001 (International
quality standard for process)

They are made using the latest technologies and High
Tech Materials - Breathable, Fast Dry, Tear Resistance,
Tension Resistance , Anti-Bacterial, Fire- Resistant,
Wrinkle Free, Rub Resistant, Waterproof, Sweat Resistant and Fresh Materials.
Shock Absorption - Reduce the trauma caused in the body when the impact is received.
Utilitarian - Design to fit customer necessities like specialized pockets.
Waterproof - the ballistic panels are waterproof and that
prevents some diseases and loss of bullet proof protection caused by humidity.
Fireproof - ballistic panels are fireproof.

To meet the demands of a growing industry, Unitech created a business segment to focus solely on data collection technology in 1985. Now, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Unitech has grown to be a successful global corporation with over 500 employees worldwide and manufactures a wide range of AIDC products including bar code scanners, mobile computers, magnetic stripe readers, fixed mount terminals, and keyboards.



Founded in Japan in1947, Star Micronics of the world's largest printer manufacturers, has developed a range of Point of Sale products incorporating some of the most advanced printing technology available today.